31 January 2011

January tucked away for another year

So January, how did we do? Out of the 76 species now recorded on the patch Jono has amassed 64, and myself 60/57 in favour of the park (68 in all). A bit of a disappointment when considering the two previous months I pinged-in 74 species, but definitely better than last year when my combined effort was 43, however I had reached 150 on my year list. Still missing from both our lists are the elusive Kingfisher, Woodcock(scarce since the new year), Firecrest, absent Little Egret, Blackcap (though someone has reported one in Wanstead somewhere), Buzzard, Stonechat (here last year until the second ice age probably saw him off), the Little Owl (hopefully just on vacation in the cemetery or somewhere close) and a host of potential fly-overs. So February, a bit of unknown territory for me as I was all over the place chasing ducks, thrush and stuff last year and I didn't manage one visit to the patch. And now some science....

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