Butterflies and bugs

A selection of some of the more photographical insects that share the patch.  WARNING some of the IDs may be rubbish, so please feel free to contribute any comments.

(saying I am crap with moths, while true, is not so helpful Mr Hawkins!)

22nd July, Perch Pond
Green Veined White
22nd July, Perch Pond
Large White
22nd July, Perch Pond
Purple Hairstreak
22nd July, Long Wood, Wanstead Flats

Small Copper
22nd July, Centre Copse, Wanstead Flats

Small Tortoiseshell
22nd July, Old Sewage Works

Black-tailed Skimmer
20th July, Heronry
moth sp caterpillar
20th July, The Glade
 f Emperor Dragonfly
20th July, Perch Pond
Gate Keeper
20th July, everywhere!!

Green Flower Beetle
20th July, The Glade
Large Skipper
20th July, The Glade
Yellow and Black Spotted Long-horn Beetle
20th July, The Glade
Meadow Brown
20th July, Old Sewage Works

Banded Demoiselle
18th July, River Roding

 Female Red Darter
15th July, Angel Pond, Wanstead Flats

Meadow Brown
15th July, Wanstead Flats

Broad-bodied Chaser
10th July, Wanstead Flats

Going to need some help here (haven't got an App for that!)
10th July, Old Sewage Works

Large White
10th July, Manor Park Allotment area

Cinnabar caterpillars on Ragwort
8th July, Pub scrub
Not actually too sure what's going on here
Wasp sp and other???
8th July, Old Sewage Works

Burnet Moth 
SSSI, 5th July

Emperor Dragonfly
5th July, Heronry
Heath Brown
Pub Scrub, 5th July
Scorpion Fly
5th July, Roding Valley Way
5th July Everywhere

Burnet Companion
29th June, River roding
29th June, Old Sewage Works

Long-horn Moth
29th June, Long Wood

Common Blue
14th June Old Sewage Works
Common Blue
25th June Long Wood
 Cinnabar Moth
20th June Old Sewage Works
 Cinnabar Moth
 20th June Old Sewage Works
Green Hairstreak
26th June, Long Wood

 Painted Lady
25th June Esso Copse, Wanstead Flats
7th June Old Sewage Works
 Small Tortoiseshell
25th June Old SewageWorks
Orange Tip (female) 
26th June Old Sewage Works
Speckled Wood
 26 June Wanstead Flats

Broom Tip
(Pic Tim Harris)

Small Elephant Hawk Moth
(Pic Tim Harris)

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