29 October 2016

Great Grey Shrike on Wanstead Flats

I am writing this post because Nick couldn't face it. He is drunk in a ditch somewhere, possibly with James in the same ditch. Talking of ditches, Tony found a Great Grey Shrike in the Ditch of Depair this morning. A new name may be forthcoming. Rather fortunately I was at the Vizmig Point counting Woodpigeons (proper birder me, none of this thrill-seeking nonsense) and so was quickly able to get over there. No sign, so we split up and it wasn't long before the bird was relocated in the brooms. Bob was also lucky enough to be close by, and together the three of us did a little dance and had a group hug. Touching. 

I looked up the Wanstead status of GGS on the spot. I knew there had been a record before, but to find out the last had been in 1977 (OSW), with the first in 1970 (Park) was a little surprising. That's 39 years ago. I was two, Tony was six, and Bob was only in his late fifities thirties twenties. A seriously long time ago in other words. Great Grey Shrike is a rare bird anywhere, let alone in London, so this is a simply wonderful record and I am on a huge high - now fuelled by gin and tonic.

Not a lot more to say really. Tony's account is linked above, feel the joy!

25 October 2016

Firecrest sake!

In lieu of September's round up, which I am still working on but a bad back means I can't sit down for any length of time–now being totally recumbent that's a doozie, the Bush Wood Firecrest are back and feisty...