29 December 2010

Welcome to Wanstead Birding!

Testing, testing......This is just a preamble to say that this is a multi-author blog about birding in Wanstead. Anyone who birds the area regularly is invited to get a password and get blogging.

A number of us will be starting off 2011 at around 7ish (yes, in the dark) on the Flats in the area we know as the Broom Fields. Maps will be posted in due course to make this site more useful, but basically it is near the Model Aircraft Field, just east of Centre Road. Aiming for about 55-60 species, and hopefully score with an early Lapwing or possibly Waxwing. We dare to dream!

Only a couple of hours to go as I type this. Last year the first bird was a Robin at about 2am....